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You are now ready to 'Continue.' You do this by hitting the button of the same name to your right on this screen. Please note that once your poem(s) are completed we will request a mailing address from you so that we can mail you your CD master.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 818-341-9265 (ask for Rick) so that we may clarify any questions you may have.

Go ahead and click the 'Continue' button (below). You will then be asked to begin describing the first poem you want us to put to music. You will need to provide a title and your preferences regarding musical style, tempo and arrangement type as well as a lyric for each song.

Once you have completed entering the details of the first poem, follow the instructions on that screen to continue.

1st. Fill Out Our Form

Congratulations... You are about to open a door into the exciting world of music . So let's get started now!  Please provide the following information.

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