Rick Mathews has had a couple of record contracts throughout his career and is planning to continue his streak with “a little help from his friends!” You!

First discovered by Warner Brothers when he was only 20 years old, Rick has achieved international acclaim with credits including hit singles that were the rave in Asia: I Want To Make You Happy and Movin' On Up, as played throughout and heard by the Japanese pop culture. Later on, Disney’s record label, Hollywood Records, then picked him up launching him with a Top-40 hit called Playing On The Radio (which you can listen to by clicking the link)


Keep an eye out for the movie Camille starring Sienna Miller and
James Franco. Rick is excited to announce he’ll be making his Hollywood debut as songwriter of Camille’s lead song.

Now who’s the “Us?”

Our exceptionally talented and published song writers have also been signed recording artists sometime during their illustrious careers in music. The resulting song … and what we compose for you …  is a collaboration and joint effort in which you own your lyrics and we own our music. We want you to be perfectly clear that all copyrights stay with the owners. In other words, you’ll always own your lyrics.

When asked which genre is our favorite, we can only come up with one answer: we're touched by all music. Including YOURS
At the very least, we'll do our very best.
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Cheers, Rick Mathews
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