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"I feel so blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity to express the essence of my soul!” Rick is a musical genius and he helped me bring out the most authentic part of myself with music. He layered my award winning poetry with magical melodies. I was overwhelmed the first time I heard my song, it hit me right in the heart and I had tears of joy. The experience was indescribable. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "don't die with your music still in you." Isn't it time for all of us to let out our music? The gift of Poems2Songs is here to make that dream come true!" - Flo Li (Author, Poet, Bio-Engineer)

Over the years, Rick's work has received high praise from his fans all over the world. Rick has fans in Germany, England, Spain, Holland, South America, Japan and the United States. Check the following links to see some unsolicited reviews and posted comments from all over the world.

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 “I started out as a poet and now I’m a song writer!”- KIM BAKER, Memphis, TN

"I came to Rick with my poems and I couldn't believe how incredible he made them sound. I sent them to various publishing companies, such as Big Wedge Publishing, out of Nashville, Tennessee, and they actually published three of my songs. Thank you, Rick, for changing my life." - TODD KROUGH, Valencia, California

"Over the years I've written a number of songs. I heard about Rick and Poems2Songs. Each song was very different. Rick captured the heart, essence and the spirit of my work and he excelled at every style."-CLINTON SWAINE, Melbourne, Australia

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